Holy Wine Week

Aloha Friends and family,

Cozy orders are open.

Welcome back to my Blogs. I have been Mia, my bad below see why below. To my Bloggers, it’s my HOLY WINE WEEK SPECIALS! In my shop and I’m having a 25% sale all products, especially on my cozies, Buy 2+ and and the third will get one free. Sale ends on March 31, 2021 11:59pm PST. I got specials for my shoppers, send referrals and with their purchase you will get a special coupon in your email. So please you do don’t want to miss out on these deals just for you!!! My First Pattern is on sale too, https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/chulas-blanket-cozy.

It’s Holy Week, some of you may or may not be believers and that is fine. As for myself I am a Christian Believer, I don’t do all the Catholic stuff, but do TRY to stay on my reading. Your probably wondering what I been up to right? Hahaha, I been testing a cute pattern releasing on Monday by Green Fox Designs. It will be in my shop to order then, stay tuned.

I also been working on a new up coming items to my shop! Are you an organizer or want to be? I will have planner PDF’s, Digital planners as well, they are an work in progress’s, but stay tuned. I did get my Covid-19 vaccination yesterday, man that was something but I am so glad I did get one and don’t have to go back! There are some of you who choose not to get vaccinated, that is your right, my family has or is getting one so I don’t get real sick. Yes I got a weak immune system, but it is what it is right?

I also been Wine Tasting here at home, slowly working my way to the reds! I AM TRANSITIONING SLOWLY hahahaha. I am on this wine from Italy an Savion Blanc, its not too dry nor is it too dry! It is perfect and goes down smoothly and I can drink it without ice! Next wine tasting is an Rose not like Moscato, it’s in between Pinot Grigio and Savion Blanc, and I am excited to try it too!! Other than that I just being a EMPTY Nester Mom, trying to keep myself busy and occupied. I have started my yearly Spring blanket, CAL which is called Crochet Along, and I’m doing with The Crochet Crowd and Yarnspirations https://thecrochetcrowd.com/.

Want to follow along too https://www.yarnspirations.com/caron-garden-flowers-crochet-blanket/CAC0502-030476M.html#q=garden&includeContent=true&start=1?utm_source=Influencer_TCC&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=2021_03_26_Caron_Garden_Flowers_Crochet_Blanket_%7C_Yarnspirations

It just started on Tuesday 3/22/2021, The Cal is called “Puffy Flower Fun Day Crochet Blanket”. I am doing the two colors blanket, I got my yarn from Joanns called Caron One Pound in the colors Cream Lot #294010 and Zinnias Lot #294009 to make the blanket you will need Three skeins of the variated color of your choice and two skeins of the Contrast Color. Don’t want to buy yarn no worries, check your yarn stash and let’s do this! Each Skein from Yarnspirations Caron One Pound #Medium 4 is 100% Acrylic Yarn, 16oz/453.6g or 812 Yards/742m in the Solid Colors. Everything you will need is on their page, supply list, testing gauge swatches and more. Come Join me and others on this Spring Journey! No worries if you can’t keep up, hahaha I am still behind on the Mosaic Blanket from last year.

This is a book already and I do apologize, I hope to be on track now that I am doing Digital Planners and I can be organized and plan out my posts. Well that is it for now, Catch you on the next blog post. If there is anything you would like to learn about or how to’s please email me at crocynwithwine@gmail.com or leave a message.

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