Crochet Hooks

Hello my bloggers!  How are you doing? All is good here in my world, just slowly getting back to going to doctor appointments and etc.  Call me paranoid but, till immunization is complete I’ll still on edge.  Have you ever come across on wondering why one has so many crochet hooks?  I’m very guilty of having too many crochet hooks, that’s because I find hooks that will accommodate my hands.  I have bad carpal tunnel syndrome so ergonomic hooks are very important for me and some othersas well .

I also have a crazy habit of buying crochet hooks and yarn too, lol.  Any crochet person knows the struggle is real!  Below is an article on Google that came up in my feed today, and I thought it was good to share on my blog.  This article talks about crochet hooks and why and how they can make a difference in crocheting a Gauge for a project.  Gauge is what crocheting world uses to create an 4 x 4 sq to determine if the crochet hook will work to making that crochet project.  Go and check it out and let me know in comments or email your thoughts, and struggles of why crochet hooks make a difference.  

Happy Woman’s National Day!!

Have a great and blessed week!!

Cyndi – Crocynwithwine

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