Are you A Fiber and Wine Lover?

I’m here to take you Wine Tasting in my Yarnery. If you’d like to learn more, let’s get started.


Welcome to my Crocynwithwine Blog! I’m so excited you stopped by and hope you will a follower as well! My purpose for my blog is just talk Wine and Crocheting! I love wine especially Whites, and Crochet with a big glass by my side. In my blogs I will be posting a variety on Why I drink Wine and at same time share some good information about what you didn’t know about wine!

Another part of my blog will include patterns, stitches, yarn and why I crochet. I will talk about the ins and outs of my hobby to teach others who want to learn. If your just as excited as I am stay tuned and add me to get fun informative blogs!!

Thank you

Cyn ~ Crocynwithwine

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