Fall is the Season 2021

Hello to all! It is the most beautiful time of the year and that is Fall, where leaves change colors, spice aroma and pumpkins are everywhere! We are in Mid September already, gosh can you believe it? If it hasn’t already, weather is cooling down and exchanging season boxes, Adios to Summer and Hello Fall!!

I know I said last blog post I have some pumpkins ready for ya, but life happens and well you know the rest, lol. Recovering from my hand surgery has been rough, not healing as well as my right hand did. Needless to say, crocheting is not exactly in full force yet. I don’t know if you know about me and battling Depression and Anxiety Disorders, yes that has been another reason why I haven’t been very productive. I have been working hard to get better but it is easier said than done. It is a one day at a time process. Some days are good and others are just not great at all, if you are one that struggles with mental health and can relate wonderful. I love to hear how you manage? Shoot me a email and in subject put [Fall Blog Health.

This subject is another blog on its own, so thought I share why I struggle in the life of crocheting and running a business. I do have Pumpkin Cozy’s for your tumbler cups, I will post one so you can see how cute it is. Cozy doesn’t have to be pumpkin colors, got a favorite football team, that is great too! Sport pumpkin cozies are the best! If your a football lover than you know it is Football Season in full effect!

Life for me has been ok journey, working on self care and that is what is most important at the moment. Now that I got grown kids, hubby that works hard to provide and allow myself to take care of myself is a keeper don’t you think? We celebrated our 28th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, but because I was battling migraines all week, we didn’t do much. At first I was expecting the unexpected like flowers, or a simple Happy Anniversary Honey as a surprise and a change. That didn’t happen, I could of made a big deal of it but I just said it is not worth the fuss, he acknowledged the day and I am ok with that. Also, were penny pinching it right now too, so I am grateful for him and I managing our marriage this long, lol.

I am happy today because I got up early, had a cup of homemade Joe, with Raspberry flavor, played my games on my phone and actually made it out of the house for my dental appointment. Normally, I cancel, or just don’t feel like doing nothing but staying home. I don’t know about you, but I am one who has to have money in her wallet if I am going out to do something like appointment. I know your probably saying, no you don’t but I like to go to Starbucks, the yarn stores, anywhere that I can buy something within reason of course. Today I did great, had my cup of Joe in my stainless steel tumbler cup, I believe its 30oz not sure lol. I always have water in my car, and yes I had my crochet hooks in my bag this time with yarn! I am always forgetting something, when I do go out on an outing. I make a day of it, when I do go out in case your wondering.

Fall Season is here in Los Angeles, CA, it’s still warm and sunny but not as hot thankfully. In the evenings it’s cool and I love it!! Oh in case your wondering on my Test project, was due Sat well I struggled big time with this pattern and needless to say I didn’t finish. I haven’t given up it is an WIP and hope to have it done by October God Willing! I did attend Church on line yesterday, and the sermon was on no matter your battle or struggle, God loves you no matter what! It basically was telling me that give it a try and see how it goes, meaning give everyday a try, do what I can and try again the next day until I am comfortable.

So, I will be giving myself a try daily and making the extra effort to do more, crochet more as tolerated and get outside daily. It is a start right? I think I ranted enough on this Blog post on who I am really and what I deal with on a daily basis of this crochet journey of mine. I do ask that what I share is personal and if it too much for you to handle unfollow or just don’t say nothing. Those who are supportive, thank you, just keep me in your prayers and need to get in contact with me send a email. With that I end this Blog and say Happy Fall Everyone!!

Pumpkin Spice Season 2021

Well Hello to my followers and friends!!


I have been a way and my apologies for that. To make a long story short, I had Carpal Tunnel Release surgery on both my hands. In recovery still and doing well, just a day by day process, especially on my left hand which was the hand that needed the surgery most. I am in week 3-4 and let’s just say, healing taking longer than expected, incision are is sensitive to touch still and wrist still hurt. Not a good combo to say the least, so I use my hand as tolerated as instructed by doctor. Those that don’t know me, well I don’t always follow instructions and try to do more or less than I am instructed, hahahaha. Maybe, I should listen and follow the instructions doctor gave me so I won’t be in pain and healing can go must faster, hahaha yea ok How about No!

It boring not being able to crochet and it is Pumpkin Spice Season, and this time of the year is my favorite!! Pumpkin Spice and everything nice is my season, Fall cold brisk air and leaves changing color. In California, well it is not exactly Fall weather thanks to mother nature Bipolar moods. I do plan to break out my fall decor, and crochet as tolerated, even break out my Addi Machines and go pumpkin spice happy!! Do you like The fall season? What is your favorite part of the Fall?

If you like pumpkins, you are in for a treat!!! I will be making pumpkins this week, I will post some on my blog later this week and if you are interested in getting a set please feel free to comment and or email me.

Pumpkin Season is my time of the year, the spice, the cinnamon, apples and most importantly Pumpkin Spice Latte, no whip extra shot, please. I look forward to the stores to get stock of the pumpkin spice creamer, and everything Fall decor. Felling giving, want to share, I am so open to a good cup of Joe from Starbucks and or Coffee Bean and Tea gift cards.

This is the latest on what is going on in my crochet journey thus far. I do have a project I am working on, it’s a secret and it’s from an awesome designer whom I follow and love. The only thing is her designs have been my biggest challenge and for some reason I was scared to try her patterns. Well She did a testing call, I applied and I was choosen!! Exciting yes, time to tackle that fear and get this pattern done!! That is all I can say about my crochet project, when allowed to share and release you will be the first to know and see, so stay tunned!!! Feel free to ask about it, how it going and what ever crosses your mind I love to share what I can with you.

Stay tunned, you are in for a Pumpkin Spice ride this fall!! Like pumpkins? Beanies? Ear Warmers? Kid sets? September 2021 is going to be Spicetacular!!!

Chula’s Blanket Cozy

I have been debating on posting my very first pattern due to Technical Difficulties on my behalf lol. Yes yes I will admit not that tech savvy anymore, like I was in my younger years. I have decided to make my pattern free with the course of give me credit where it due. I do hope you enjoy my Chula Blanket Cozy Pattern. Like to order yours just message me or go to my shop.

Thanks and have a blessed Week!

Crochet Pattern Designing is it worth it?

February 25, 2021

Designing a Crochet Pattern

Recently, I decided to put my work on paper and write out my design of crocheting a Cup Cozy. One would think it easy and no problem, yea right! I always wanted to put my ideas on paper and sell my patterns, but the time to do it is just a lot of work. I don’t know about you on keeping your New Year’s Promises, but I plan on keeping mine, one of which was publishing my very first pattern.

After several attempts and testing completed, my pattern was all set to be published, yea right? Well I’m told it’s easy no problem, but those who know me, hahaha, easy it wasn’t. I am still trying to get this bad girl published but to no avail. Is it worth it to get a paid version of an application, or publish on Etsy, for the price of $5.00? Is what is on my mind as of now, because it such a pain to do, I rather just make it free, and to those who want it can just email me and I’ll send a copy. I was super excited at first, I truly was, my pattern was sent out testers, whom help me edit and fix whatever is wrong with my pattern, prior to publishing. The results I got from my testers were amazing the work they done was colorful and beautiful, which made it worth my time. I’m starting to think that maybe it is God way of saying good job, keep up the good work, practice makes perfect. I have spent so much time trying to get this pretty cute cozy published, that I haven’t been crocheting and that alone put’s me in a funk. Crocheting is a way of coping and handling Anxiety and Depression for most that do crochets or knit, because I haven’t been crocheting that is what my funk is about. If you were in my shoes, and are a crafter or just someone trying to make a dollar, what are your thoughts on this blog of designing a Crochet Pattern? Not sure what it takes, feel free to look it up on Google, to see the extent of work and time it takes to just design your work with a hook and yarn.

I think that spending all my time to publish has set me back emotionally that honestly in my opinion I rather just give for free and in return, have those mention my shop and name in their work with pictures. That is a way to get my name out there in the Crafter’s World. Crocheting is just a hobby that I been doing to keep me calm and eases my mind, and if I finish a project Yay for me. If not it’s no big deal because, the project is mine to keep, no pressure on my end. The issue I have is that I seem to think that what I do for a hobby I should make some money doing it, to help make ends meet even if it’s only less than $100. I’m stressing myself out over a pattern that will or will not sell, and at the same time, taking away what is most important to myself and that is peace of mind! Care to know more or can relate in some sort of way, please feel free to comment your positive thoughts only. Thanks for reading my blog post, I should be doing blogs more hahaha, but on the real, maybe I will who knows. Covid and staying home has got my mind all twisted.

Welcome to CCWW 2021 Blog

  • February 2, 2020
  • Fresh New Start and Update on Crocynwithwine
  • Hola! Aloha! It’s 2021 and It’s Groundhog Day!! You know what that means right? Means to enjoy the rest of this long Winter and get ready for the Spring of 2021. I hope you are all doing well, keeping safe and most importantly wearing a mask. It’s crazy how our world and way of life can change in a blink of an eye! We got a new President and Vice President and I don’t know about you but I am glad and can actually exhale and continue on with my Adventures of Crocheting with wine in peace.
  • January of 2021 was an rough and emotional ride for me, with grown kids now it also includes them moving out and living life on their own. Then having your last child grow-up, turn 18, and started her life in the Adulting world. I don’t know about you but as a Mom this phase of life is really hard and sad. After all the bickering and saying “There the door if you don’t like our rules”, lol. Now I miss them more than ever, and I know I got to let go and let them soar in their own lives now. With Prayer lots of them, let me tell you, lol I got through it with the grace of God. I am ready to get my year started and share my blogs in Crocynwithwine World!
  • I will be creating a Email List, so be ready to Subscribe to get the latest and deals on my products. I have re-opened my Etsy Shop which you will find in my Link here: https://linktr.ee/crocyn_withwine. I am happy to say I reached a goal of mine which was designing a pattern of my own, and it will be publishing soon.
  • So with all that being said, and I think this blog is a bit long, but I have update and start somewhere right? What’s going on in your neck of the world? What would you like me to make more of? Colors? Textures? What kind of Baby Items would you like to see more of? Send me a Email to Crocynwithwine@gmail.com and I will do my best to create your suggestions and requests.
  • Have a Blessed rest of the week, be safe, stay warm, wear a mask, and keep with social distancing. If you want to get a Beanie or a Pocket Scarf or even a Cozy, my shop is official open. See you on my Instagram and Etsy Shop!!!
  • https://linktr.ee/crocyn_withwine

What’s in my Instagram? See Below of some of the new items.

Crochet Hooks

Want to know the best Crochet hooks that b are ergonomically great if you have Carpal Tunnel, or hurting hands. Furls Hooks is the choice to go, worth the investment and always have healthy hands! Use my link below for discount and see the hooks for yourself!! Don’t forget to check out the free patterns on there blog!

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Article on how to care for your crochet hooks:


Chula’s Blanket Cozy Origin

In case your wondering what is a The reason of making my Chula’s Blanket Cozy it’s because of my heritage. Although I was born and raised in California, Mexican blankets we my go-to for parks, exercise, cup night out, to keeping warm in three winter.

I designed my very first pattern while keeping warm with my favorite Mexican Blanket, having some wine and thought why not create a cozy that’s universal.

So with that said Chula’s Blanket Cozy was inspired and came to live. See link below for more history on Mexican blankets and how any nationality, person, can use these beauties! Let me know yout thoughts and if you like to order viay shop or via email?

An Chula Blanket Cozy, just send me an email at Crocynwithwine@gmail.com with size Tumblers is your favorite, color suggestions out just prefer one for your can, bottle.